July 30, 2009

Hectic week at work….

Sorry for not posting recently. The week started off at work with a bang and never really let up. I support a Hospice in upstate NY.

First off, I rebooted one of our Citrix servers remotely early in the morning on Tuesday. I’ve said in many places that I am not a big fan of booting automatically or remotely. Too many things can go wrong.

Well……. you’ve already guessed that something DID go wrong… It never came back on line. I had to rush into work at 6AM (instead of 8:30AM) to see what was going on. Turns out that the RAID card went bad. I called Dell tech support and had the card shipping that afternoon. The tech came Wed noon and I had the server up and running by 1PM.

In case you’re wondering, we paid for that support. I have a US based support number that connects me directly to the right group. I always recommend getting a 3 or 4 year “Silver” or “Gold” (Dell’s names) with any server. You simply can’t afford to go through the regular support channels when a critical server is down.

Next came our accounting software. We needed to change the reimbursement rate for mileage. Of course, it wasn’t working as expected and Payroll need it by Monday to d othe payroll. Worked with two vendors and finally got it resolved this morning.

Next came our medical database program. We are testing an upgrade scheduled for 8/19. I set up a test server and upgraded it. Of course, upgrading the clients failed and we still have the vendor trying to figure it out.

Add in the fact that my kitchen remodeling starts Monday and I’ll be out a lot and you’ve got an idea how things are going…

Hopefully, I’ll get a change to post more frequently. There’s a lot going on with Windows 7, MS patches and betas of Office 2010 and such.

Hope everyone is OK and have a great weekend….


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