October 12, 2009

Big Patch Tuesday for October 13, 2009

Looks like a big set of updates tomorrow. 13 in all. 8 Critical and 5 Important.


There are usually a couple of blogs that give a much better summary and description of the updates. I’ll post them tomorrow when I see them…

As usual, I recommend the following process:

  1. Wait a few days to a week if possible to see if anyone is reporting problems.
  2. Create a Restore Point
  3. Back up your data (create a disk image if possible)
  4. Review the updates and choose which ones apply to you. In general, it’s recommended that you apply critical updates unless you know that one or more has problems.
  5. Install the updates

As a corollary, I usually recommend that you set up your Automatic Update to “Download & notify”. When the updates are downloaded, YOU choose when and which ones to install…


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