October 12, 2009

Another free defragger

I just ran into this on the net in a newsgroup I follow. It got several positive comments from folks I respect. Haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s free. It’s called MyDefrag (used to be called JDKFrag).


Updated 10/12/09

I have to say I tried the program and I'm not impressed at all. The display is cryptic and not at all what I'm used to seeing. I want to see the clusters moving as they are rearranged. Also, there are just too many options available. For some folks this could be very useful, but I suspect that the majority are like me. Defrag, do it quickly and get out of my way....

My favorite right now is and remains to be UltraDefrag from SourceForge. It's fast, does it's job and shows me the screen I want to see.



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