June 10, 2009

More details on Patch Tuesday (June 9, 2009)

Well. the patches and updates for June’s Patch Tuesday )a.k.a “Black Tuesday”) are out. In general, it’s a good idea to install them ASAP. If you are worried about possible problems, you should:

  1. create a Restore Point
  2. backup critical files (or back up the computer)
  3. investigate the details of each patch and decide if it affects you

Keep in mind, the Microsoft will provide free technical support for any patch related problems. In the US, you can call 1-866 PCSAFETY

Here’s an article that does a great job of describing the updates in a way that most of us can understand.


If you want to “wait and see” before installing, try subscribing to the Patch Management List. A lot of very smart folks post there, including Susan Bradley, probably the most recognized patching expert out there….



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