May 5, 2009

WIndows 7 Release Cansidate is now available!

You should be able to download the Release Candidate of Windows 7 from the Microsoft Download Center some time today (5/5/09). It's a large file (2.3 GB), so allow yourself plenty of time. Also, it is a DVD image, so be sure you have access to a DVD burner. You may have difficulty getting it right away. Chances are good that the MS download servers will be clogged with folks trying to download it. Best to wait a day or two...

You can download it at:

If you decide to try it,, a word of advice...DO NOT INSTALL IT ON A PRODUCTION INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS! You will almost certainly have to wipe it out to either go back to the previous version or install the final Windows 7 code. Either install it on a test machine or create a virtual machine (VMWare or MS Virtual PC) to test it out.



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