May 9, 2009

Clean your Computer regulary

It's one of the most overlooked tasks that there is. Even the best professionals (me included) will avoid this like the plague. It's just a royal PITA (Pain In The Ass).... But it really is important. Dust in a computer can (and will) cause problems and can cause failures.

The two places that dust causes the most problems are in clogging the vents (and fans) and the electrical circuits.

Computer cases are specifically designed for the maximum cooling via air flow. If a vent gets clogged, it will restrict the air flow and the computer starts heating up. I've seen fans in computers fail because the vents were so clogged.. Heat is the great destroyer of computers.

Dust accumulating on circuit boards and cause electrical shorts.

Here's a blog posting I saw that very nicely describes how to clean all the components of the computer (including keyboard, screen, etc.).


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