April 3, 2009

Last word (I hope) on Conficker Worm

Well, April 1, 2009 came and went. Looks like life as we know it won't be ending any time soon... :-). Apparently, the worm did activate, but so far hasn't done anything malicious.

Just because nothing has happened so far doesn't mean that we need to let our guards down. If you haven't already, you really should make sure that you have implemented the safeguards I mentioned in my March 29th posting. In addition, you should scan your computer(s) and network to make sure that none are infected.

There are a lot of programs out there that will scan for Conficker, but two that I think are easy to use and seem to do a good job are:

  1. McAfee Stinger:
  2. BitDefender Deployment Tool:

I sure hope that this is the last posting I have to make on this....


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