March 31, 2009

Just checking in

A bit busy the past couple of days. Still fuming over the ridiculous 60 Minutes show on Sunday. They blew the Conficker situation completely out of proportions!!! They:
  1. talked with only 1 vendor, Symantec. Amazing.. they reported it as a problem that could bring down the Internet (but not if they protect your systems
  2. never pointed out that any computer properly updated with Windows and anti virus updates will not have any problem.
  3. showed a scenario (someone taking over a computer) that has absolutely nothing to do with Conficker!!!
  4. presented a user whose identity was stolen. First off, what she saw, once again, had nothing to do with Conficker! Secondly, she has 3 teenage sons who download music and videos. I wonder how the computer got infected???
  5. did not point out that all the Conficker worm MAY do is "call home" for more instructions.

All in all one of the worst and most misleading stories from them in a long time!!

I did come across a nice utility from McAffee that will scan a computer for any trace of a Conficker variant.

Good luck tomorrow. Post a reply if you need help cleaning up an infection...


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