March 30, 2010

Removing a virus if the computer won’t boot

What do you do if you have a computer that is infected but you can’t boot it? You need some way to clean it up. One technique is to remove the hard drive and add it to another computer where you can run an AV/Malware scan.Unfortunately, that’s beyond many folks’ ability and won’t help if you have a laptop…

Well, here’s Brian Krebs and his blog to the rescue. He has another great posting with info (and links) on several “rescue CDs”, including:

AVG Rescue

Avira Rescue

BitDefender Rescue

Dr. Web Rescue

F-Secure Rescue

Kaspersky Rescue

Panda Rescue

Any of these will do the job. You burn the CD and then boot from it. You need a working internet connection. Brian’s post has lots of details.


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