March 26, 2010

Inexpensive Hard Drive Recovery Insurance Available

We often see on the net postings from folks whose hard drives have crashed and they ask if the data can be recovered. the standard answer is “Sure… if you have a ton of money!”. There are data recovery firms out there, but it usually ends up so expensive that only incredibly critical data is worth it.

Well, now there’s a German firm called Freecom that will let you pay about 30 Euros ($37 USD) to register a hard drive. If it fails, you mail it to them (pre-paid) and they sent the recoverable files back to you within 2 weeks. Not a bad deal.

A piece of advice…. Don't use this in place of good backups. First off, you don’t know what can be recovered. If it’s a head crash, a lot of data can be most. Also, you have to wait 2 weeks to get what can be recovered.

Thanks to John E. Dunn of NetworkWorld for identifying this service….


raxon said...

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