January 10, 2010

I’ll be moving to another blog over the next week.

I reported earlier that I have been having problems with my e-mails getting trapped if I have the url for this blog in my signature. In fact, if *any* url with “blogspot.com” in it gets lost. I’ve been unable to resolve this so far.

I’ve been a member of “IT Toolbox” for almost 7 years. It’s an amazing collection of list servs, blogs, and other sources of information. They provide a resource for blogs, so I’ve set up one there. For the next week or so, I’ll be posting in both places, but eventually will only post there. It will, I believe, also give me a wider audience with more opportuinity for interaction with folks. The url is:


Thanks for all your support and for showing interest in my ramblings. I’ll be the same old Hank over there, also… :-)


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