December 3, 2009

Windows 7 & Jump Lists

You’re gonna hear a lot about all the nifty features in W7. Thing like “Aero Shake”. Grab a window and, literally, '”shake” it with your mouse. All other windows will automatically minimize. repeat and all those windows come back. Cool……….

To me, however, things like this are “nifty”. But “nifty things just don’t help me in being more productive. “nifty things are not going to convince the average person out there to run and buy W7 or a computer with W7.

There are two features of W7 that make me sit up and take notice. One is “Libraries”. A terrific way to consolidate multiple folders and files into a single menu. When I found it, I said “That’s what I need!” And it worked great until I read a few articles on Jump Lists. It’s hard to describe what it is and how effective it can be. I just ran into an article by Greg Shultz on Tech Republic that puts it in an easy to read and really useful  format.

If you are using W7 or seriously thinking about migrating (notice I didn’t say “Upgrading”), you should read this. I’ve found that Jump lists are “The Cat’s Meow”. I’ve found that they make me much more productive and I keep finding new features and ways to utilize them.

This is, to me, an example of what we should be using to convince folks to use W7. Something that makes it easier to use and fun to learn and use…


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