December 18, 2009

Some useful tips if you migrate users to new machines

I do this a lot at the Hospice I support. When we buy new machines, we migrate them to the most advanced users and then “hand me down” the old machines to other users. This list is essentially what I do.

The only point I disagree with is the claim that:

 “The majority of organizations don’t have the budgets and infrastructure necessary to maintain disk image libraries, much less an IT department that’s sufficiently staffed to develop, maintain, and administer image technology. That leaves others — and most IT consultants — having to perform desktop and laptop migrations the hard way: manually”

That simply ain’t true…. A copy of a program like Ghost or Acronis True Image lets you easily create and re-image disk images. Add in Sysprep (free from MS) and you have everything you need. The important thing in a corporate environment is to standardize on hardware and software. By doing that, the number of different images is kept to a minimum. When I have to re-image a computer (or laptop), it takes me less than an hour to have it available again…


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