December 29, 2009

Problems uninstalling Security Software?

Previously, I mentioned a terrific program Revo Uninstaller that uninstalls programs and then finds all the “left-over” bits of Registry entries and files. I still find this to be the best one period. I almost never use the Add/Remove Programs (“Programs & Features” in W7) any more…

Here is a program specifically intended to remove Security software like Norton, Trend Micro, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc.. Some of these programs (especially Norton/Symantec & McAfee) don’t always do a complete job. On their web sites you will find utilities and manual processes specifically intended to remove these remnants.

Problem is that you shouldn’t have to do this and it is, frankly, beyond many folks’ ability to find and use. The net is full of folks with systems mucked up by a failed uninstall of an AV program.

I’ve come across a utility (thanks to MowGreen) called “AppRemover”. The name is a bit misleading since it is specifically targeting security software. It doesn’t remove other programs. I don’t have a lot of experience with it, but it looks good and I respect any utilities recommended by “MowGreen”… A very nice feature is the ability to search for remnants left over from a failed uninstall.

I think together with Revo Uninstaller, you’ve got all the bases covered.


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