December 20, 2009

Need to copy lots of files? Enter XCOPY!

If you’ve worked with Windows for any number of years, you’ve had the need to copy  a large number of files from one location to another. In some cases, you can just drag and drop folders. However, for the longest time, there was a tool called XCOPY that was popular. Lots of flags to allow you to narrow the scope and specify attributes. Over the past decade or so, MS has provided another tool called ROBOCOPY. With Vista, XCOPY was “deprecated” (whatever that means) and you were prompted to use ROBOCOPY.

Well, XCOPY is back in Windows 7. Apparently, more flags have been added. Just enter XCOPY /? to see all the flags. Guess enough of us complained…..

Below is a link to an article in TechRepublic by Greg Schultz. He has a very nice tool called “XCOPY TOOL”(cool name, huh?). It adds a graphical interface that makes is a snap and eliminates the need to memorize or run XCOPY /? (and print it) every time you want to run the command.;leftCol


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