December 24, 2009

Here’s one terrific site for Optimizing your XP or Vista installation…

Just ran across this one. I’ve briefly looked at it and it’s really amazing. There’s a TON of information here and from what I’ve seen, very useful. A lot of sites just say “Do this and things will be great.”. This guy goes to great lengths to explain what to do (with a lot of screen shots) and why you should do it.

One caveat…. Before you do any changes you should:

  1. Create a Restore Point
  2. Back up your computer
  3. Keep track of the changes you are making so that you can undo one or more if things get worse.

Everyone who gives advice on how to improve your system has a point of view and makes assumptions (yes, including me). There are so many variables on what software/hardware you can have as well as customizations, that it’s always possible for an “improvement” to actually degrade your performance or even make some software stop working…


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