November 14, 2009

Keeping files synchronized

I like to keep copies of my critical files stored on an external hard drive (actually, I have 2). I also keep a regular full backup, but that’s another story.

The challenge is always how to keep the copies in sync with the original source files. I’ve run across 3 that do the job, are automatic, fast and relatively easy to set up and use.They are:

  1. GFI Backup 2009 Home Edition - This is the one that I currently use. I like it because it’s fast and can sync more than one folder in the same job. I also like the interface. It can be used to do backups (and restores).
  2. Karen’s Replicator – This was my previous choice. VERY fast and easy to set up. My problem with it was that you had to set up a separate sync job for each folder being synced. Also, the interface wasn’t as slick and easy as GFI. It’s part of a suite of apps she maintains.
  3. Microsoft SyncToy – MS just released a new update to this program. A lot of folks use and love it. I found the first version to be clunky, slow and I just didn’t like the interface. I haven’t tried the latest version, but it is getting some positive responses…

Any of these will do the job. I like this approach in addition to a full backup since restoring a file is as easy as drag & drop….


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