November 4, 2009

Confused about WIndows 7 licensing? Read on

Microsoft seems to make it their business (no pun intended) to confuse everyone about licensing their products. Talk to any network admin who has had to figure out how many server/CAL/TSCAL licenses they need for a network server.

They continue the outstanding work when it comes to licenses for Windows 7. Fortunately, Ed Bott on his Ed Bott's Microsoft Report blog has provided what has to be the best work I've ever seen done on pulling all the variables together on the various options. Worth the read. Obviously, as Ed says at the end, he's not a lawyer and you can't take his report as an official position on licensing. However, for many of us (in lieu of anything vaguely readable from Microsoft), it will, I suspect become something of a "must have" reference...;post-1514


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