September 24, 2009

Here’s a free, fast and good defragger

Ever tried to defrag Windows 2000? Time for a lunch break! Windows XP? Better, but, depending on the computer speed, it can take a while.

One of my biggest complaints about Vista (and Windows 7) is how they changed the interface for defragging. All you see is  text (to the effect) “The disk is defragging. This can take a while.” Really helpful, eh? It’s also still slow…

There are a lot of defraggers out there that do a better job than the built in Windows one. I’ve mentioned in the past, that I use (and recommend) Diskeeper. It costs, but it does a great job, does it continually (when the system is inactive) and you never know it’s working.

There’s a free utility out there called UltraDefrag. Read the review by Mark Kaelin in TechRepublic.

The utility is available from SourceForge. They are a great resource for free and very useful tools…


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