September 9, 2009

Ever need to update a new computer?

One of the biggest complaints that folks like me have is in setting up a new windows computer. Even if you have a CD/DVD with the OS and the last Service Pack, you find yourself needing to download a LOT of updates. I’ve seen upwards of 50-60 updates requiring almost 100 MB of data downloaded.

Even if you have a high speed download, this can leave the computer exposed for too long to be comfortable. If you have a slow dialup connection, you are, frankly, screwed.

At work, I use a WSUS server (behind a firewall/router) to apply the updates quickly. But it would be handy to be able to create a single CD that has all the latest updates and apply it to a computer off line.

Here’s a program called CTUpdate that I ran into (thanks to the  Patch Management List). Haven’t tried it yet, but it go some good recommendations and looks like it should be a very useful tool

You could, for instance, use a protected computer to download, create the ISO image and burn the CD. Then use it to update a new CD or a friend who has a dialup connection.


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