August 12, 2009

You can make suggestions for improving Office

I think that everyone who has ever used Microsoft Office has ideas on how to improve Office. In the past, the only official way to get suggestions to MS was to participate in one of the beta (or technology) releases. Unfortunately, these are usually by invitation only and,  even then, at that point MS has usually pretty well locked down the code and is only willing to consider fixing bugs.

Well, that MAY be changing. Microsoft has just launched a new web site “” that allows you to submit suggestions for improving Office.

Don’t get too excited. Like any suggestion boxes, these may never see the light of day. The authors, Steve and Luke make it very clear:

“Although we are employed by Microsoft, this is not an official Microsoft website.  You should not expect an official response from Microsoft by posting an idea here, but we'll do our best to get the ideas posted here in front of the right people within the Office development team. “

Even so, it can’t hurt. If we all contribute decent suggestions in a logical and professional manner, it may encourage MS to do more and get more official. And, who knows, you may actually make a difference… :-)


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