August 27, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 is being pushed again

Let me say first off, that I use IE8 both at home and at work since it first became available. I really like it. I find that the hype about it having problems with sites to be a bit over done. I keep Firefox available for those rare circumstances that IE8 has a problem.

Having said that, I understand why folks are reluctant, often with good reason, to install IE8 without further testing. Many have installed an IE8 “blocker” provided by MS. Others have set Automatic Updates to "Download & Notify” and then declined the IE8 “update”. Well, that is changing….

With this update, the blocker doesn’t work any more. If you have Automatic Updates set to “automatic install”, you will be getting IE8 any day (if not already). If it hasn’t been downloaded & installed, you will need to set AU back to “Download & Notify” in order to re-deny the update.

Remember, IE8 can be uninstalled as long as you don’t install a Service Pack  (SP2 or SP3) AFTER installing IE8. If you install IE8 before SP2 or SP3, then you will have to uninstall the SP and then uninstall IE8.

Happy Patching…


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