August 6, 2009

A free, easy way to turn off Vista Services

As I’ve indicated in earlier posts, one way to speed up Vista (and XP) is to turn off services that are running that you really don’t need.  Many services are only used by a small percentage of users, but MS turns them on to be sure that as few users as possible have problems.

You can alsways go into the Services console and turn them off one by one. One of the best sites around for helping you decide is Black Viper's site. It’s hard, sometimes, to figure out if you need a given service. Plus, you can easily turn a stable (albeit slow) system into a doorstop.

One app I’ve seen recommended several times is Vista Services Optimizer (a.k.a. VSO).


Haven’t tried it (I’m running Windows 7 RC), but it seems to be a neat app. Be advised, it requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework. A large download (230MB+). I have to wonder if this added complexity to the OS is worth a small gain like this.

Be careful, though. Even with the best app like this, you can easily cause a system to become very unstable. Best Practices say that you should always be ready to recoiver from problems. I would suggest that you, before you usa VSO, do the following:

  • Create a Restore Point
  • Back up the PC


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