July 15, 2009

It's Patch Tuesday (7/14) !!

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday. Some of you have your Automatic Updates set to auto download & install. Most experts and I recommend that you should set it to download and notify. This way, you are alerted that patches have been downloaded and you can decide whether or not to install. Prevailing wisdom is to wait a bit (unless it's an urgent update) and see if folks are complaining. I like Susan Bradley's articles in the Windows Secrets newsletter. I highly recommend the newsletter. It's usually full of info and tips. If you pay for the subscription (they take any amount), you get a lot more information. Lots of Susan Bradley's articles are only available to paid subscriptions.

There is a neat article today in the TechRepublic Windows on Windows Blog that gives a good summary of the fixes and will help to decide whether you want a fix installed or not.


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