April 15, 2009

Windows Updates - April

Well, it's "Patch Tuesday" once more. If you don't know already, Microsoft issues patches and security updated for Windows (2000/XP/Vista) as well as Office the 2nd Tuesday of each month. There are a total of 8 this month. Here is a decently worded description of the updates being released.


You may have heard of problems with various updates over the years. I have to admit that there have been an occasional patch that caused a small number of folks problems. I still say that the alternative (not installing or waiting) is much worse. I would recommend the following strategy:

  1. Set your Automatic Updates to "Download and Notify". This means that your computer will automatically download any updates and prompt you that they area available. You can then decide when and which updates to install.
  2. Create a Restore Point before installing the updates. This will allow you to recover from any problems.

Remember, you can always contact Microsoft for free support on any problems by calling 1-866-PCSAFETY or open a problem report via the web.



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