April 17, 2009

How to make XP start and run faster!

BE ADVISED: These tips and actions to take can have unanticipated consequences.!! Be sure you can recover and undo whatever changes you make

I would strongly recommend you do the following:

  1. Backup the registry
  2. Create a Restore Point
  3. Backup the computer (if you have a backup program)

Probably the biggest complaint of folks running XP is how slow it loads and runs. While it is a complicates operating system, there are a lot of things one can do to speed it up. Basically, you want to:

  • uninstall any programs that are not needed,
  • stop programs from automatically starting when you boot the computer
  • stop unnecessary services from starting
  • tweak the system
  • defrag

Below are some links to articles folks have written that do a good job of describing the steps to take to do this. Hope they help....

Making XP Load Faster


Stopping unnecessary Services
Windows has been known to start a whole boatload of services when you boot. What they are trying to do is cover a wide range of users by starting services that you MAY need. The problem is that the descriptions are so vague and technical, that it's almost impossible for the non-techie (and even some of us) to know which services are needed and which are not. Stop the wrong service and you could crash the system, or even worse.

To see what services exist and are running, Click on Start and then Run. In the small window, type, services.msc. You will see a LOT of them. Some are Started. These are the ones that start automatically when you boot.

Probably the best source I've seen for a listing of services and whether or not to have it start or disable it is The Black Viper's web site This will tell you just about everything you need.

XP Tweaks:
Next, you want to "Tweak" the system. This consists of a lot of steps. Again Black Viper has a great set of tips.

There are tons more sites and I'll post them as I come across them.


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