March 28, 2009

Useful and Free Utilities (Part One)

Here are some of the most useful utilities I have. To find out more or download, click on the title.

  • Revo Uninstaller: This is simply the best utility for uninstalling programs. The built-in function in Windows often leaves behind pieces of the program. This baby will not only use the built-in uninstaller, but it will clean up left over fragments of the registry and files. It also has some very useful other functions like stopping programs that start automatically on Windows startup.
  • Picasa 3: There are a lot of programs out there that let you manipulate and manage photos. This is the easisets one to use. It's intuitive and has lots of functions. Sharing photos over the internet is a couple of clicks. Ever want to copy photos to a CD for your friens or family? Pcasa 3 has a built in function that will not only burn the photos to a CD, but will creat ea screen show that will start automatially when you insert the CD!
  • Secunia PSI: Security these days is a critical consideration for every PC owner. This ahndy and easy utility will scan your computer for any unsecure programs or Windows updates that should be downloaded. Not only will it identify them, it provides links to fix the problem. This will help you to keep your computer secure. This will not make your PC completely secure!! You must do a lot more (anti virus, firewall, e-mail protection, spyware, etc.), but this will be a big help.
  • Foxit PDF Reader: Ever tap you fingers waiting for Adobe Reader to load a PDF file? Well, your wait is over. Foxit is a lightening fast reader that blows away Acrobat Reader. It's lightening fast and does just about everything that Acrobat does.
  • CutePDF: This utility will allow you to create Acrobat PDF files from any file or document. It installs a "printer". You just "print" the document to tht "printer" and it will create a PDF file for you.
  • Karen's Replicator: One of the hardest things to make people do is backup and protect their critical files. This utility makes it simple. You tell it what files and folders you want to save and wher to sav ethem. You then schedule the job to run. I run it daily in the morhning. It will replicate then copy any changed files to the other location. Simple, fast and easy...

More next time...


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